Saturday, May 21, 2016

Honey's Child in the A!

When I first found out that Honey’s Child Boutique was going to Atlanta to rip the runway, I knew that the plus size fashion world was about to be shut down! Let me first say, the Phat Girl Fresh Lifestyled movement is such a rewarding, inspiring, and LIT experience. So mixing the vibes of the event with the fashion and styling of Letitia “The Motha” Young you already know that there was all kind of slayage going on! I mean, I’m still hype from the show! It was just an awesome time, a night to remember. And the MODELS, honey they killed! Let’s take a look!

Disclaimer: I have never questioned my IPhone until this show. The lighting and my phone just did not get along. This is the first time I thought that I should have an android… never mind. I’m still sticking with my IPhone! But with that being said bear with me and don’t judge! Lol!

Model: Minyata Chiles
Outfit: Poetic Justice’s Mariah Button Front Roll Sleeve Romper
Hat: Stylist owned
Earrings and Necklace: Yoro Creations
Shoes: BCBG
The Cadillac Records Sunglasses: Honey’s Child Boutique

Model: Mia Fulton
Outfit: Poetic Justice’s Estelle Mineral Washed Indigo Jersey Crossover Jumper (Vivica Collection)
Shoes: Stylist Owned
Body chain: Honey’s Child Boutique
Earrings: Yoro Creations

Model: Jessica White
Jeans: Poetic Justice’s Maya Basic Dark Midrise Skinny
Shirt: Honey’s Child Boutique Split Maxi Top
Jewelry: Honey’s Child Boutique

Model: Jordan Hillam
Outfit: Standards and Practices’ Kia Contrast Shoulder Indigo Tencel Jumpsuit
Shoes: Stylist Owned
Scarf: Honey’s Child Boutique
Earrings: Honey’s Child Boutique

Model: Rae Martin
Shirt: Rue 114 Leather/ Vinyl Bustier  
Skirt: Standards and Practices’ Kelly Side Slit Indigo French Terry Pencil Skirt
Accessories: Honey’s Child Boutique

Model: Kisha Derring
Jeans: Standards and Practices’ X-Boyfriend Destroyed Patched Low Rise
Hooded Jacket: Standards and Practices’ Abby Zip Front Indigo Tencel
Shirts: Standards and Practices’ Kristine Dual Tone Tencel Button Down/ Yoro Creations #nevertoomuch graphic tee
Accessories: Yoro Creations
Shoes: Stylist Owned 


Looks will be available at Honey's Child Boutique soon. But in the meantime go on over to for all of your plus size fashion needs!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Feature Friday: Andre Walker and the Gold System

When I look at Oprah’s hair, I am just in awe. She is definitely my hair crush!  So just imagine my excitement when I get an email to interview the man that’s responsible for all that hair fabulousness, Oprah’s hairstylist Andre Walker! 
Andre has made his mark in the celebrity hairstyling world as well as giving the world a guide in figuring out our hair texture with the Andre Walker’s Hair Typing System.
 I was able to have a one on one with Andre discussing various topics such as, his work with Oprah and his new hair care line, The Gold System. Check out the interview below:

Ms. Lulu: Where did you get your start? How long have you been in the business?

Andre: In high school I did my family and friends hair. I entered an amateur hairstyling competition and won. At that point I knew hairstyling was a career I wanted to pursue. It has now been 35 years.

Ms. Lulu: How did the opportunity to work with Oprah come about?

Andre: When Oprah first moved to Chicago doing AM Chicago, I watched the show every morning before work and was late every morning too (laughs). I was drawn to her dynamic personality. One day I sent her flowers with a note saying, "Dying to get my hands in your head". When we finally met, she told me that she was looking for a hairstylist and when she would see someone on the street with great looking hair, she would stop them and ask who did their hair. She told me 9 times out of 10 my name would come up. So when I sent the flowers it wasn't like I was a stranger, my name had become familiar to her. After doing her hair one time, she called back again and again and the rest is history.

Ms. Lulu: What inspired you to start your own hair product line?

Andre: I developed the Gold System to specialize in the hair texture I am an expert in: coarse, kinky, wavy, and curly hair. I know what these textures need most and that’s moisture. The Gold System is very moisturizing and easy to use.

Ms. Lulu: Tell readers more about the Gold System.

Andre: Any hair type can use the shampoo and conditioner. The TKO conditioner contains keratin which is a protein, another thing that the hair needs. All of the styling crèmes contain mongongo oil, which is high in Vitamin E.

Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème is for individuals with kinky hair that want to achieve their best texture in its natural state.

Get It Straight Styling Crème is for natural and relaxed hair that you want to blow out or straighten.
Beautiful Curls Styling Crème is for curly hair that needs minimum maintenance but can use a little control, moisture and hold.

Q-Oil can be used with any style crème.

Ms. Lulu: What is some advice you would give an aspiring celebrity hair stylist?

Andre: It takes a lot of passion and a lot of work. I became a stylist because I was passionate about it. When I was in high school my parents tried to change my mind about going into hairstyling. They felt it wasn’t the sort of field a young black man or woman could be successful in during that time. But I was determined. That’s what you will need determination and passion.

I was able to see how these amazing products worked first hand. I used the shampoo and conditioner and these two products definitely added much needed moisture to my locs and gave my hair a lasting shine weeks after the initial washing.

I encourage all my natural and relaxed sisters to go and purchase the Gold System. This is product that actually works, is affordable (prices ranging between $9.99-$15.99), AND OPRAH USES IT!

Products are available at Target and
For more information visit:

See below where STL Hairstylist, Tenisha Smith of Shear Quality,used the Gold System on a few of her clients. The results were flawless!

If you are looking for the best of the best hairstylist in the St. Louis area make sure you book your appointment with Tenisha Smith at now!

Thank you Andre and Tenisha!

See you guys soon!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015


You are beautiful
You are enough
You are worth all the desires of your heart
It's ok to feel
It's ok to cry
It's ok to express yourself
Your feelings are valid
You are beautiful
You are enough
You are worth the desires of your heart
It's ok to place yourself before others
Don't let others insecurities define who you are
Having an opinion matters
You shouldn't settle out of fear
You are beautiful
You are enough
You are worth all the desires of your heart
It's ok to compromise but don't lose yourself in the process
You are unique because you were wonderfully made by God
There is no one like you and therefore you can walk with your head held high
You are beautiful
You are enough
You are worth the desires of your heart
You deserve to be loved without restrictions
You are a queen!

Dress and Location: Honey's Child Boutique (
Makeup: Drake Tyler
Hair: Tiffany Qualls
Photographer: Candice Cockrell